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A place in The Potteries

My studio lies within the old Spode Pottery Factory, in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent. Housed within a hub of 43 units, packed to the rafters with makers and creatives from all areas of the arts, it has become an inspirational space, full of opportunities for collaborations and exploring new ideas.

First established in 2016, my business has grown hugely from the single workbench and kiln I started out with. I work in all stages of pottery manufacture, specialising in hand-building and slip casting. Many of the glazes used are premixed by local manufactures, to ensure they are non toxic; but I do mix glazes for some of my art pieces and non domestic wares.


I endeavour to use as many local suppliers as possible and being in the heart of the Potteries this is not difficult to do.


Working in the Potteries also provides the opportunity for me to work with other ceramic organisations such as the British Ceramics Biennial. I currently work with them as an Associate Artist and Project Coordinator for the Foundations Project and Generation Project. This has enabled me to work in the public domain, engaging people of all ages and abilities, in the wonders of clay. A huge portion is also dedicated to bringing ceramics back into the education sector. The BCB Clay School, develops and provides activities, lessons and projects which link in to all areas of the National Curriculum, not just Art!


I have just moved studios, to a space just down the corridor. This move was influenced by several factors and came with some great benefits, including the opportunity to design my studio from scratch, so that it better fits my current needs, both practically and aesthetically.

I have also got a new kiln on order, which will be more efficient and has a larger capacity, so I can fire more work at once.

I'll be updating my pictures as soon as it's installed!

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